Friday, July 28, 2017

How to Build Divided a C&C Cage Like Sid & Sebastian

I have received many questions on my @sid_and_sebastian Instagram account regarding Sid & Sebastian's cage construction, so I decided to draw up some diagrams for anyone interested in a similar setup.

If you are familiar with my boars, you know they don't get along, and can no longer be housed in the same home. Due to additional space constraints, I cannot adopt new boar friends to bond with each of them; however I know they need interaction with other piggies so I made joined, but divided, 2x3 C&C cages for them.

Originally, I had them set up in a traditional 2x6 long and narrow configuration, but it didn't work for this room, and I like having three grids joining them for more interaction. I also like having their food, water, and hay on the interior so they face each other, and therefore interact more. It is also much easier to keep the floor clear of hay. I have thick plastic under the coroplast trays to catch stray hay bits that fall down in the center, and I periodically remove everything and vacuum below the cages.

I also love, love, love having space below them for storage. I have a rather different grid setup on bottom to make it easier for me to reach everything in my tight space. I am including diagrams to make my exact setup. Feel free to add and remove grids to customize your own. If you like the look of this cage, but you don't want it divided down the middle, simply remove the three center divider grids and you have the same space as a 2x6, but more depth. 

When I decided to make a cage with storage (originally a 2x4), I watched a helpful video on YouTube. You can find it here if you need a visual aid in how to put the grids together. This how-to only includes layout and number of grid needed.

I bought my 14" grids at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and used coupons. You can also find them at stores like Walmart and Target, or by Whitmor on Amazon. 

Note: Directions are not included on how to make coroplast trays or fleece bedding.

Two Joined / Divided 2x3 C&C Cages with Under-Storage Area
Total Grids Needed for This Project = (63) 14” Grids

Finished Interior Size: Approximately 56” wide x 42” deep  

Cage Grids = 34 Grids
Under-Storage Grids = 29 Grids
To make one large cage: Omit the 3 middle divider grids for the cage (60 grids)
To omit the corner hidey: Omit the 2 corner hidey grids

Buy as many boxes of cubes/connectors as you need to have 63 grids (see resources above)
A lot of zip ties (I buy at least 200 and use well over 100)
Sharp trimmers or scissors to trim length of zip ties once attached
Storage buckets and bins, as needed
Coroplast (check hardware stores like Home Depot or sign stores)

Join grids using connectors included in cube package, following product directions.
Secure grids using zip ties in a matching color. Trim length of zip ties once attached.

And here are some additional cage pics.