Thursday, January 15, 2015

Vintage Modern Tiny HST Mini Quilt

The first finish of 2015 is a little Bonnie and Camille Vintage Modern HST mini that was largely complete in December. I had to set the top aside for a few weeks to focus on holiday sewing, and to focus on organizing the closets (a task that has taken far too long).

12" Vintage Modern HST Mini

The layout of this mini is almost a happy accident. I didn't have a plan when I started, and the whole process was somewhat organic. I had approximately 176 leftover flying geese units to work with. I pieced, pressed, and trimmed all of them to 1.5" before I started laying them out. To be honest, I dislike trimming HSTs, particularly the teeny tiny ones where every fraction of a centimeter shaved off in error means mismatched points. I decided not to care as much about matching points as I am usually inclined to be; it made the trimming go by faster (and of course, faster is still hours and hours).

175ish HSTs

I played with making an organized layout and was pleasantly surprised when my first layout worked. I had the most HSTs in tonal pink/red houndstooth and laid them out in a pinwheel/X shape. Each V shape echoing the center pinwheel was determined based upon how many HSTs there were of a given print. To make the red and aqua work, I had to mix prints, but tried to make the mix organized and purposeful.

There are so many tiny little seams in this mini quilt, it kept rolling up on itself. I stored the top under a stack of textbooks to keep it flat until I could baste and quilt it. I straight line quilted the mini in Vs and used some leftover vintage modern red and white houndstooth bias binding I made last year for a pillow.

I love this little mini. 144 1" HSTs. Finished mini size: 12" square

12" Vintage Modern HST Mini

It matches the much larger HST pillow I made exactly one year ago using leftover flying geese triangles after making a Swoon quilt.

Bonnie and Camille HST quilted pillow top

HST pillow from Swoon quilt flying geese leftovers



  1. Now that is a labor of love to sew those tiny hst blocks together into that mini quilt. And it turned out so pretty.

  2. Beautiful! I too am saving up 1 1/2 HSTs. Fabric is too pretty to toss!

  3. I just happened upon your blog. Your work is amazing. Love this quilt. :)