Monday, June 6, 2016

Adding a Zipper Pocket to The Everyday Hipster Bag

If you are interested in adding an inset zipper pocket to the exterior back or interior of your Everyday Hipster Bag (pattern available here), here are the pocket dimensions. I am not going to do a full tutorial on how to make an interior zipper pocket as there are so many out there. I really like this tutorial from U-Handbag.

Note: I didn't take the time to properly center my zipper pocket or place it lower than the top edge of the bag - take the time to do that.

Materials Needed:
6" zipper or longer
(2) 6" squares of fabric for the pockets
(1) interfacing for one main panel
(1) 6" square of interfacing
(1) 2" x 6" rectangle of interfacing

1. Add interfacing to the wrong side of the main pocket panel that you will be using to install the zipper pocket. This will help support the weight of the zip pocket.
2. Add 6" square of interfacing to the wrong side of one pocket panel (it will be the front of the zipper pocket and less visible)
3. Add 2" x 6" rectangle of interfacing to the top back of the zipper pocket for additional stability.

Zipper placement:
1. Draw rectangle for zipper placement on the back of the interfaced square.
Start 1" down from the top and 3/4" in on each side.
Your rectangle will be 1/2" tall with a line in the center and notches to trim.

Pocket panel attachment (see linked tutorial above for good pictures of this step):
1. Center pocket panel with drawn rectangle on main panel
I lined my pocket panel with the top of the main panel, but it is really best to reduce bulk and drop the pocket 1/2"-1" from the top (don't slap your zipper pocket together like I did)
2. Pin in place and stitch around the perimeter of the rectangle you drew.
3. Cut the center line you drew inside your rectangle and snip the notches with scissors. Be very careful to cut close to the corners, but do not cut your stitches.
4. Pull attached pocket panel through through the opening you made.
5. Press well, rolling lining to the lining side.

Install zipper:
1. Put zipper behind the opening - I like to use Wonder Tape to hold it in place.
2. Topstitch around perimeter of your opening to secure your zipper.
3. Trim excess zipper tape.

Attach second zipper pocket panel:
Attach the pocket panels together with right sides together.
Stitch around entire perimeter of the pocket panels with 1/4" seam allowance
Make sure to move the main panel out of the way as you stitch the pocket panels.

And now you have a pocket for your bag. (This one works really well even though it is off center. Oh well, it's for me anyway.)

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