Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Hexie Box Pattern

Recently, I had the opportunity to test a fun new EPP hand sewing pattern called The Hexie Box by Amber Crawley. Amber asked me to test the large 7" box, and I knew it was the perfect project to use some of my stashed Sweet as Honey fabric.

My eldest daughter said recently that she needs more gold accents in her room, so I made the exterior the gold beehive print. I am pretty excited that I used supplies entirely from my stash, including scrap Peltex (I knew I was saving it for a good reason).

I wouldn't call the large size a quick project. Using Netflix shows as a guide on the time spent to make this box, it took approximately nine hours from start to finish. Bear in mind that I fussy cut all but the exterior side panels. I would have also fussy cut those, but the beehive print is staggered and I couldn't bear to cut holes in a half yard of fabric to make the beehives all match on each side. I feel like the lid side fussy cuts more than make up for that. I also stitched a million tiny whip stitches to make the box extra sturdy. All well worth the effort and time.

The pattern gives basic instructions on how to thread baste the fabric to the interfacing, and mentions glue basting. I usually prefer to thread baste, but on this project I am all about the glue basting. I didn't mess around with a little glue pen, and went straight for the Elmer's glue stick; I used a fair amount of glue. My one tip would be to glue the interfacing and try not to gunk the glue all over where you will be stitching because the resulting stiffness makes it harder to sew through. The patterm also calls for Peltex 71, but I didn't have even a scrap left on hand, so I just used a glue stick to baste the fabric to the Peltex, and heat set it with my iron; it worked perfectly.

I'm ecstatic with the finished project; the design is genius and flawless, and it has a very functional and satisfying sturdiness.

The Hexie Box pattern is now available to purchase on Craftsy.

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  1. What a great little project! You did a lovely job fussy cutting the areas that would be most enhanced being fussy cut.